Scientists Confirm Israel Health Minister’s Fluoridation Concerns are Justified

According to the Fluoride Action Network, scientists and professionals from around the world applaud the decision made by Israel Health Minister, Yael German, to end mandatory fluoridation in Israel to protect the health of Israelis. They decry the political backlash she has received, and the pressure brought to bear on her to reverse a scientifically sound decision.


The letter (click link for full text) describes that:


delivering medicine via the water supply is recklessswallowing fluoride delivers risks without benefitsover 100 animal and 45+ human studies link fluoride to brain deficitsnon-fluoridated and fluoridated countries have similar cavity rateslow-income families can achieve better dental health by safer meansthe US FDA says fluoride is an unapproved drugfluoride-overdose symptoms – dental fluorosis (discolored teeth) – is prevalent among

America’s youth.



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