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WORCESTER, MA – Thanks to medical advances, better treatments and new drugs not available a generation ago, the average American born today can expect to live 3.8 years longer than a person born two decades ago.

norm lawlor‘s insight:

Fountain of youth
Yes, as of 2013 there is no one pill that you wake up in the morning and you are all young again? But they are working fast at finding new ways to Possibly live longer with proven treatments. Through grants from Zuckerberg the Face book inventor and others. I been being doing research by looking through life extension foundation Dr. oz and other health community posts and as of this moment there is the three products that will help you with your health in living longer. The 3 Are a good multi with calcium Magnesium Vitamin D other are Omega 3 and Revseratrol. I will be keeping my eye open for any new progress on any supplements or programs for helping us with our health and wellness.

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