Innovation Excellence | modelH – Health Model Co-Creation Forum (part 2)

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How do we solve the problem? The American healthcare system is not so much broken as made up of working parts not working together. The modelH team believes the ecosystem can be fixed!

norm lawlor‘s insight:

Health care will (has to) shift away from treatment and focus more on prevention.

Telomeres are the caps at the end of our chromosomes. They protect our DNA and when they get too short, cells may die.
The shorter your telomeres are, the faster you age and experience the diseases of aging.
Prevention of this is the best way to be healthier life, the more you are sick the shorter your telomeres become!

Three main things to implement in your daily routine is a good multi and resveratrol and a good omega 3 with Q10 Melaleuca supplies all of these with the highest quality with 100% guaranteed money back
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Melaleuca –Cures and Remedies

Weight loss with GC control
Brain heath Urinary tract infections
Prostate health
Digestive health
High cholesterol help
Proven multivitamins with Oligo
Acne cure with Melaleuca oil
Immune boosters
Help for Skin problems
There is a lot more Melaleuca oil it self is a anti- fungal works for infections even head lice Every first aid kit should have Melaleuca oil

Definition of xnlife

The definition of xnlife and the reason I use it for me and my logo. xnlife is a balance health wellness and lifestyle of your choice Mine is travel, paragliding, and salmon fishing & little blogin. When you feel good have a balance of good nutrition and helpful supplements you would likely have more energy feel better live longer! And if your passionate of what hobby you do (Live is good 🙂
Definition of xnlife = is to extend life

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