Way shouldn’t you live longer

Enriching your Life Using Three Simple Steps
ImageWay shouldn’t you live longer

Have you ever noticed that when a person reaches the age of mandatory retirement, they are either too ill to enjoy the rest of their years, or they simply die. This is sad but seems to be what happens? Have you ever wondered why this is a trend? The Government has set an age standard such as 65 for mandatory retirement. After a person retires, they collect their old age pension. If everyone became healthy, the Government would be paying out larger amounts of pensions. They rely on people to die sooner so they do not have to pay out too many pensions. For anyone born past 1960 the retirement age is climbing to 67, People are already doing things for their health and starting to live longer. Do you want to reverse the Governments death ratio and make them pay back all the money we have ever paid in taxes for our pension? Read on and I will explain my plan to enrich life and how to get what you deserve when you are retired. On the other hand, simply before you retire to prolong your life.

Studies show thousands of people that are interested in life extension. As for me, I have been doing research on it for ten years now. Around 40, I had a big health scare (That’s another story) it made me more interested to finding out good and safe ways to be healthier, and help to live longer with a better immune system!

When people are young adults, they do not think about how they can prolong their life. Young 20 year olds love to have fun, party time or just being in university and collages, keep them busy enough without thinking how they will live a longer life. They do not see themselves as growing old. Old is for old people right? Well old people were young people once. Now that life has been going along great you have had your fun in your youth, you start to think about how you can prolong your life. You might even be thinking about how do you become healthier. The bad habits you started are something you want to change. Exercise is a good plan but is it enough on it’s own? Is there something you can do to help you along with your exercise plan? To help with exercise there are three supplements that are, revesratrol, and omega 3, and quality multi-vitamin, quality calcium vitamin D magnesium. With just these supplements, your life expectancy can go up 30% to 40%. There is more but this is the best three. (Vitality for life, Provex cv, Phytomega.)sold by Melaleuca direct to your home

The company I work with started with two things in mind, one is to always have the best products and second is to have a good compensation plan to enhance the lives of each family one at a time.

I am asking you to really ponder what I am saying. This is your life so why would you not look after your body. Something I have noticed, which is a pet peeve of mine is, People will spend thousands of dollars on their pets to keep them healthy and yet ignore their own health. The health and wellness company that is one of the best in it’s field of research and development will be dedicated in finding more new and exciting products through partnering up with doctors and universities to bring us the best to the market. This is excellent for the average person, athletes, children needing the proper vitamins and minerals, and for those dealing with weight control or needing to gain.

My hopes are for you to think about what you have read here today and take a stand towards your health. If you have any questions or need more info please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Norm Lawlor





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