Very simple business model

Very simple business model
Very, simple, business, model, sweet, thing, about, simple, plan, that, will, work, everyone VISIT WEBSITE (learn more)
Very simple business model All you need to start is knowing  four associates that would like more energy feel better live longer! GOOD Lets start by signing up and getting you a business kit. With this you would need to order ( three health products) Vitality pack,Provex cv Phytomega – And with this I will Guarantee that you will (feel better and on top of your Game) THAT’S IT !
Then get others to do the same (Just do it) and for any reason you don’t feel any better I will pay you your money back the you have put out. Now that’s my Guarantee remember I have already paid your signup of 29 dollar fee. The sweet thing about the is simple business plan that it will works for everyone. YES everyone want’ to feel good 🙂 One of the best things is after you signup 4 you will paying nothing for your stuff and it only multiplies from there.
Phone # 604-869-2273

Yes Melaleuca has a lot more to offer but this is the simple business model

Along with all the online help with Melaleuca I will be sending you your own business cards too.

So using the website and blog to get a start for introducing them to Melaleuca  for the most part for the first time.

Remember the follow up this is the most important thing don’t leave it to long to and it’s very useful to get My melaleuca

Just a little about my logo xnlife stands for extend life by lifestyle and superb Melaleuca products

I have using melaleuca for a long time and not going to stop I believe I it and stand by all product to( Just do it! 🙂


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