Low power laser treatment could help grow your teeth back – light stimulates dentin to form

No more fillings! Scientists have figured out how to regenerate dentin, the material inside our teeth.


The new study published in Science Translational Medicine shows that a low-power laser can trigger stem cells in your tooth to form dentin.


As Sarah Zhang reports for Gizmodo, currently dentists can only replace damaged dentin with synthetic material, for example, when you get a filling or root canal.


But using this new technique, dentists may soon be able to actually regrow your tooth.

Source: sciencealert.com.au

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Guide to Finding Birth, Death & Marriage Records

lAre you stuck at a brick wall with an ancestor and unable to find a birth, death or marriage record? Looking in all the usual places has turned up nothing and you’re not sure what to do next? Good news!

Source: olivetreegenealogy.blogspot.com

Looking for the missing great grandfather for the family tree

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New ‘Breakthrough’ Transgenic Mosquitoes could spread male infertility to other species including humans

A team led by Andrea Crisanti at Imperial College London in the UK was widely reported to have made a breakthrough or even a ‘quantum leap’ in creating transgenic mosquitoes that could eradicate malaria.


Unfortunately, those mosquitoes are potentially the most hazardous genetically modified organism to have yet been created, and they should go no further from the laboratory.


The researchers have not considered the risks involved, which would have been obvious from a casual review of existing literature…


Source: www.i-sis.org.uk


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Scientists Confirm Israel Health Minister’s Fluoridation Concerns are Justified

According to the Fluoride Action Network, scientists and professionals from around the world applaud the decision made by Israel Health Minister, Yael German, to end mandatory fluoridation in Israel to protect the health of Israelis. They decry the political backlash she has received, and the pressure brought to bear on her to reverse a scientifically sound decision.


The letter (click link for full text) describes that:


delivering medicine via the water supply is recklessswallowing fluoride delivers risks without benefitsover 100 animal and 45+ human studies link fluoride to brain deficitsnon-fluoridated and fluoridated countries have similar cavity rateslow-income families can achieve better dental health by safer meansthe US FDA says fluoride is an unapproved drugfluoride-overdose symptoms – dental fluorosis (discolored teeth) – is prevalent among

America’s youth.

Source: www.prnewswire.com

Sleep After Learning Strengthens Connections Between Brain Cells and Enhances Memory ~ NYU Langone Medical Center

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“In study published today in Science, researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center show for the first time that sleep after learning encourages the growth of dendritic spines, the tiny protrusions from brain cells that connect to other brain cells and facilitate the passage of information across synapses, the junctions at which brain cells meet. Moreover, the activity of brain cells during deep sleep, or slow-wave sleep, after learning is critical for such growth.


“The findings, in mice, provide important physical evidence in support of the hypothesis that sleep helps consolidate and strengthen new memories, and show for the first time how learning and sleep cause physical changes in the motor cortex, a brain region responsible for voluntary movements.”

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Why Short Men Live Longer!

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Short men often are teased and bullied for their height. However, new research suggests there might be an added benefit to being short! Join Laci as she discusses why a gene in short men is…

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